ASDreams Registration Now Open

Due to renovations at CORE association, ASDreams new session begins Monday, October 17. Click here for program and registration information.

Inclusive Education Session

I'm not involved with this event, but it seems like a great learning opportunity.


My article "Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder" appears in the summer edition of Bridge magazine. Click this link and enjoy other disability related items as you scroll to page 13 to find a readable version of the thumbnails below.


Using the HALT Strategy

Sue Thomas, Gerry Gabrielle and Myles Bingham coauthored an article on using the HALT strategy. It is an acronym that encourages caregivers to stop and question where a negative behaviour might be coming from. It identifies four basic needs that, left unmet, could lead to a behaviour issue. They are using this strategy with teenagers, but I see it applying to a broad range of ages and abilities.

For more information on how they are using the HALT strategy scroll down the May 2016 edition of the Autism Around Alberta newsletter here.

Sensory Overload

This is the best clip I've seen that captures sensory overload. The boy's comment at the end is perfect.

Free Online Autism Information Session

Alberta Health Services is offering an online session called, "Supporting and thriving with your loved ones affected by Asperger's Syndrome". This is the description:

Adam has personal experience of living with a sibling diagnosed with Asperger's that he uses to guide others in understanding Asperger's and some commonly associated conditions. This will aid you in taking more informed care of the person with Asperger's in your life. Combining personal experience and training, Adam will explore how narrative approaches can help you connect to someone with this diagnosis. In addition, the personal impact on the caregiver will be discussed, including ideas for self-care.

The course is available until June 10, 2016 at 11:00am. Registration information available here.

Sleep Seminar

Having trouble sleeping because your child is not sleeping? Hopefully this seminar will help.

Autism Information Sessions

These sessions are hosted by the Regional Autism Spectrum Disorder Coordinator, Wendy Johnson. Click on the image for a larger view.

When Your Best Isn't Good Enough

I had the privilege to present with my daughter in February. We titled the session, "Managing Middle School when you can't manage yourself" which we presented together at the Central Alberta Regional Consortium Educational Assistant (EA) conference in Red Deer. My daughter was inspired to create this video after a conversation with an EA. I appreciate her invitation to examine what we allow to define us.

Just because someone says your best isn't good enough doesn't mean that you aren't good enough. Your failures do not define you.

New Format for ASDreams

Updates to the ASDreams program:

New time: 5:00-7:30
New ages: age 11 now welcome
New format: don't forget to bring your supper

Sample schedule:
5:00 Opening together
5:15 Theme activity together
5:45 Group A skills/group B free time
6:15 Supper together
6:45 Group B skills/group A free time
7:15 Closing together
7:30 Home