ASDreams is for youth ages 7-17 on the Autism Spectrum (formerly Asperger’s or PDD-NOS). ASDreamers are given opportunities to learn and practice Autism supports. Skills include anxiety management, self regulation and social communication. Learning takes place through guided activities. lessons and free time. Youth are mentored by someone who also has ASD. Karen Sudom, of Spectrum Educational Services, remembers the added pressures of being a teen with ASD. Two of her children are graduates of the ASDreams program.

ASDreams is facilitated by Karen and a dream team of dedicated leaders. Behavioural support is provided by Wendy Johnson. ASDreams is funded by Family Supports for Children with Disabilities.

ASDreams meets from September-May at Crestwood Mennonite Brethren Church, 2348 Dunmore Road SE.

ASDreams programs

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ASDreams is a safe place for self discovery with others who understand.

Karen has a Pinterest board of some of the activities and ideas she adapts for ASDreams.

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