Working Together - Parent Perspective

When a special needs child becomes a student at school, the role of parent expands. With many different people and levels in the education system, learning to work together benefits the student. I've had the privilege of facilitating parent panels which gave educators the opportunity to hear directly from parents their experiences of navigating the system. The following is the handout I created for participants.

We both play a valuable and distinct role in my child's life
  • requires effective communication system
  • share what is working
School is only a part of my child's day
  • extra disability supports
  • greater need for down time
  • regular kids activities
Life continues after graduation
  • parental hopes and dreams undergo continual readjustment
  • pacing for the long term
  • skills for life
  • maximize abilities by strengthening strengths
To receive supports, there must be demonstrated need
  • it is hard to focus only on my child's special needs
  • technical language can be confusing
  • my child behaves differently in different situations
Disability can be isolating
  • lack of supports for parents
  • hard to see my child left out
You are an important person in my child's life
  • 50 significant caregivers by age 18
  • Tremendous responsibility and trust
  • Potential to create a strong link in web of supports
Thank you for taking the time to listen to us as parents.

Click here to download a PDF version of this handout.

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