International Day of Persons with Disabilities recap

I was thankful to take part in IDPD again this year. Shaw TV Medicine Hat captured highlights of the events. One minute into the video they focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders. I had the privilege of being interviewed. The interview took place in the foyer at the end of the school day just as parents were arriving to pick up their children. My "robotic" voice reveals that I'm using a significant amount of my brain for self regulation. Tools I used to manage myself during the interview:
  1. I focused my eyes on Leslie Jerry, a familiar face from the Advisory Committee on Disability Issues.
  2. Before being interviewed I asked the interviewer what questions she would have for me.
  3. I remembered that any part of being Autistic that I couldn't hide from the camera could become another avenue for ASD awareness.
The comments from students demonstrated that IDPD increases inclusion. The sessions increased the level of students' understanding of different disabilities. IDPD also helped the students to be comfortable talking about disabilities and talking to people with disabilities.

I hope to take part in IDPD again next year.

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