Designed With Purpose

Recently I have been going through old photographs. I love looking at the ones where my children are wearing matching outfits that I constructed for them. I created them with intention. When they were finished I didn't say, "Oh look! Sewn fabric. I wonder what it is for?" I wanted two dresses and a vest and so I sewed. Purpose proceeded design.

God planned me. He had a purpose in mind for me before there was a me. I received my design. After all, I didn't make myself. I have the option to be thankful for how He made me.


What does God think of His handiwork? He thinks I'm wonderful. His thoughts about me are precious. He is thinking about me all the time. He loves me to my innermost being. That most certainly warrants my thanks.

When I renew my mind to this truth, being Autistic no longer gets in the way of me being me. The difficult parts of living with a social communication disorder are difficult. However, they are not wasted. God wove me together knowing I would have two children with Autism who would greatly benefit from a Mom who understands.

God knit each stitch of me knowing who would attend specific presentations. He knows which anecdotes from my life will relate to each workshop participant. He has a purpose for my experiences. He uses them so individuals may form a greater connection with Autistic people and expand supports for persons with Autism.

That is a purpose and design for which I choose to give thanks.

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