Give it Time

Micah Sudom, my son and former ASDreams member, composed Give it Time. His band, Mostly Micah, played it during high school graduation. Micah is the one on piano.

Mostly Micah also provided the dinner music for the school district's teacher retirement party. Micah's first educational assistant and his kindergarten teacher both retired this year. The PUF administrator who got me started in the school support system was one of the two honoured educators at the event.

The title Give it Time wasn't chosen for a graduation theme or a teacher retirement gig, however I can't imagine a more fitting title. Early educators who gave of their time not knowing how their involvement would shape the lives of their students. Junior high boys who spent six years eating their lunches together in the band room, learning new instruments and jamming together. A mom who invested 18 years into countless appointments with Family Supports for Children with Disabilities, service providers, medical specialists, speech and occupational therapists, and all levels of the education system.

Today is Micah's last day of high school. He didn't get here overnight and he didn't get here alone. If you are an exhausted parent, educator, or person on the Autism spectrum, my suggestion:

Give it Time!

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