Not just about: Authentic!

Karen Sudom speaks to the beauty and challenges of her experiences navigating this crazy yet wonderful world. She began as an Autism specialist and has widened her spectrum of topics to include her lived experience in community discussions, decisions and delivery. Not just about: Authentic! Karen doesn't just speak about Autism, but also what it is like to be Autistic. She doesn't just  speak about social supports and community inclusion, but also her experiences of delivering, needing and accessing help. She shares with educators, parent groups, students, churches, businesses, health professionals and other services providers. Karen's work has found her behind the scenes and behind the microphone. Pre Covid Karen  led weekly after school groups for preteens and teens with mainstreamed Autism called  ASDreams . She  served on the City of Medicine Hat's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues and Social Development Advisory Board. She is active in the city's poverty

ASDreams on hold

ASDreams is currently not running. Information will be updated when the group is taking registrations. Please wear a mask and stay safe.

ASDreams Skills

To ensure ASDreams is a safe place for everyone, the following skills are required before joining the group: Independent communication Independent toileting Turn taking Able to manage self without be coming a danger to self or others Able to attend group independently with the general supports of the leadership Dream Team Most ASDreamers have a much higher skill base than what is listed. Many high school ASDreamers have part time jobs, volunteer regularly and participate in other community groups. The picture lists some of skills ASDreamers learned in group and found particularly helpful.

ASDreams year end

Our 2018/19 year finished with our annual family potluck at Strathcona Park. Watch for updates once funding is approved for September. The DreamTeam

ASDreams update

The 4:30 Monday group is full! Registration is ongoing for both the 6:30 Monday group and the 5:30 Thursday group. Click here to find more information about ASDreams including how to register.

ASDreams grows to three groups!

ASDreams starts up again on September 10 with two different groups from 4:30-6:00 and 6:30-8:00. Thursdays will see another group from 5:30-7:00. Family Supports for Children with Disabilities approved funding for 32 weeks!


You made it through June. It is time to celebrate!