Karen Sudom's Bio

Karen Sudom speaks to the beauty and challenges of Autism from experience.  Karen and two of her three children have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Karen tailors workshops to the diverse professionals across Alberta (and sometime beyond) who support individuals on the Autism Spectrum. She led weekly groups for preteens and teens with mainstreamed Autism called ASDreams.

A favourite presentation was to a grade eight class at Alexandra Middle School – in the same classroom where her favourite teacher, Mr. Middleton, taught her grade eight. She shares with educators, parent groups, churches, mental health agencies and other services providers to increase understanding not only about Autism, but also about what it is like to be Autistic.

Karen served on the City of Medicine Hat's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues and Social Development Advisory Board. She is active in the city's poverty reduction movement.

Karen's outlook: Celebrate the small victories because sometimes they grow to size large.

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