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Sample Presentation Descriptions:

Presentations can be combined and adapted to meet your needs.
Autism Immersion
Discover for yourself what it feels like to have social communication and executive functioning challenges. Engage in activities that simulate difficulties encountered by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders. “Fantastic - my favourite session of the day as it was very insightful to "become" autistic. It really allowed me to understand what an autistic individual deals with every day. It was great to be 'doing' and not just sitting and listening. I thought that her sense of humour was an added bonus!” #autism #empathy #ahamoment

Making the Most of Early Intervention
Experience an early elementary school day through the lens of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Karen shares the “why” behind what learning approaches supported her son who received PUF for two years for ASD related difficulties. Karen compares and contrasts her own ASD experience on navigating those years without ASD supports. Focus on communication, transition and sensory difficulties and related support strategies. #earlyintervention #PUF #truestory

Managing Middle School (when you can't manage yourself)
Experience a middle school day through the lens of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  As a professional, parent and person on the Spectrum, Karen interweaves these perspectives by sharing strategies that support tweens and teens with ASD in an inclusive classroom. Issues addressed include social communication and executive functioning difficulties - areas also applicable to middle schoolers without extra challenges. #middleschool, #socialskills, #inclusion

Inclusive education: a panel of one?
Do you have questions you wish someone with Autism could answer directly? Perhaps you have a situation you’d like input from an Autism consultant? Questions about communicating school issues with parents of special needs students? Karen Sudom brings her multiple perspectives of Autism specialist, mother of two special needs children and being a person on the Autism Spectrum. You may email your questions beforehand to ksudom@SpectrumES.org or use the open mic available during the session.

Available in Calgary only:
Disability Dialogue: Co-presented with Dr. Stephanie Mason. A personal, medical dialogue on managing life with ASD, ADHD and other affective disorders.

Available in Medicine Hat area only:
Linking Together: Co-presented with Sandy Redden. After three years of facilitating a parent capacity building group together, Karen and Sandy continue the partnership by sharing communication strategies aimed at young children with and without extra challenges.

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