"Our evaluations from last year are begging me to bring you back."
~Donna McRae, Executive Director, (CARC)

"Karen doesn't fit inside the box. She creates her own, and it is shaped more like a star."
~Pearl Joachim, R.N.

"Your presentation was engaging and created many pieces of understanding for our students. Thanks for bringing your insight and personal story to our school."
~Troy, Vice Principal

"Wow, Karen is an inspiration!  Her presentation was clear and I saw many of my students in the situations she was describing.  Seeing this, I could see how I can make my classroom a place where they can be more successful."
~Palliser Convention participant

"I attended all three of Karen Sudom's workshops.  I greatly enjoyed her speaking.  It was nice to hear from somebody about living with autism and how they feel and think and process.  It was like learning about autism "in 3D".  We usually hear 'about' autism from somebody who has 'worked with' autistic children, which is also very valuable, but you learn/understand so much more when hearing from someone who 'is' autistic and what they go through.  She was also very humorous!"
~PCCE participant

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